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Cowboys, sailing and old boots

Well, who would have thought that we cowboys at heart would be sitting on sailboats and coasting the waves instead of the badlands and western towns we saw as kids on the television.


Sailing in the channel looking towards the Channel Islands

I’d like to think it’s an interim stage… or a way to relieve us from too much riding of wild horses o’er the western landscapes.
“Cowboy” is in a sense its own realm… we find ourselves, perhaps, without a horse and some land in the middle of nowhere… such a great loss to our childhood cowboy selves.


Ridgeway, Colorado, where the original True Grit was filmed.


wearing a pair of Old Gringo boots.. not quite that “cowboy cool”  old yet.

So my new equation is:  Cowboy + attitude + old boots and a dream of a horse and a view… no matter where you may be.

Here’s to the cowboys out there!


Matt, true cowboy and leatherworker, riding at the V6 Ranch.